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    As Griffin Security Solutions we offer a number of trusted and customized security fencing options designed for your specific needs, as well as taking into account your financial consideration. Our team of experts is readily available to help you access the best possible option for your fencing requirements. We cater for a wide variety of customers ranging from -:

    • Household
    • Industrial/Corporates
    • Government
    • Mining
    • Farming/Ranching
    • Schools
    • Hospitals/Clinics

    and many more.

    The table below shows the fencing products we offer:

    Wall Top Electric Fence This is based on a Digital Energiser designed to produce a pulsating High Voltage (approx. 8kV) onto an 8-strand wall-top braided wire setup. The Energizer is connected to a 30W audible siren which goes off in the event of an intrusion on your perimeter. It offers the Deter and Detect security options making it highly favourable


    1. The installed bracket is 1.0M long and making it very difficult to climb over.

    2. There is more chance an intruder will trigger the alarm.

    Palisade Fence It consists of 40mm x 40mm x 3mm spiked angle irons 1.8m/1.6m high and 120mm apart. The spiked angle irons are braced together using two identical cross-member angle irons 1.2m apart, one at the top and another 300mm from the base.  The result is a rigid 3m palisade frame welded between 2 metal square pillars which are anchored 500mm into the ground using concrete. The frame repeats itself for the entire perimeter. This kind of design does not provide a step for climbing over the palisade and as such it works well for perimeter security as it makes it difficult for intruders to breach. A palisade fence-top electric wire system may also be considered in future for Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Reinforcement Palisade fence has the advantage of providing extra security by way of Natural Surveillance and neighbour security
    Brick wall- Palisade Fence This is very similar to the above mentioned (Palisade Fence), the difference is that this one has some sections made of brick wall in combination with steel fabricated Palisade fence. Advantage of Natural Surveillance and neighbor security
    Game Fence We provide game and farm fencing designed not only to secure your site but also to protect game and livestock from harm. Custom sizes and designs are available at customer’s request including straight barbed, diamond mesh and veld span. This is a suitable option for farmers and game rangers.
    Razor Wire


    This is a side spiked wire, configured into a stretchable spiral or tubular form 450mm in diameter and designed to cause injury to intruders attempting to climb over. It’s installed on your wall-top and hardens your perimeter in that in becomes much more difficult to breach.


    It is easily customizable and very convenient in budgetary terms
    Pool Barricade Fence This is a fence barricade that is installed around your swimming pool area. It works well especially for your kids and other people from entering the pool area without permission
    Mesh Fence Consists of stainless steel mesh wire, which is produced using weaving technology. The wires can have a diameter agreed on based on customer needs Ideal for residential buildings, sports fields, warehouses etc.


    • Clean and modern architecture
    • Eco friendly materials
    • Idea to final solution